Monday, July 27, 2015

Inspiration Monday: Maurice Sendak

I've given nods to Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss on the blog already, so it's long overdue for me to express my gratitude to the other "Big S" illustrator who has inspired much of the work that's going into this book.

Not much needs to be said here, as three years ago, upon hearing of Mr. Sendak's death, I wrote an extensive reflection on my website already.

I invite you to hop outside over there to read it: "Outside Over There: Reflections on Maurice Sendak

Hearing the news of his passing still haunts me to this day, and I look back upon it as a major turning point in my return to making books. Since then, I've only continued to expand my education on the life and career of this great artist who's been a bigger influence on me than I ever realized. Every now and then I stumble upon another book (in a used book store) that he illustrated, which I never even knew existed. 

It was around the same time he passed away away that I began writing poems again, which grew...and grew...and grew like the forest in Max's bedroom into where my book currently stands. I find much solace and purpose in his own words: 

"All my life I have been in the fortunate position of doing - creating - what came naturally to me. What could be more wonderful than a dream of childhood coming true?  As a small boy, I pasted and clipped my bits of books together and hoped only for a life that would allow me to earn my bread my making books. And here I am, all grown up - still staying home, pasting and clipping bits of books together."

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